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Vodafone ADSL Turbo 35Mb/s in Spain – Speed Test

For some time I have changed my ADSL internet provider to Vodafone.

I have contracted the marketed ADSL Turbo – which promises download speed up to 35Mb/s and upload speed up to 3.5MMb/s.

Here is my actual speed results which I got from

Download speed: 30.3Mb/s

Upload speed: 4.65Mb/s


Vodafone ADSL Turbo Speed Test


Well the download is not 35Mb/s but it is still good. I mostly care for the upload becaus which seems to be good. Typical ADSL providers offer upload speed up to 1Mb/s which is quite a junk – especially these days when we share quite a lot of home media files. Overall I would say I am quite satisfied for the price quality – probably it is the best on the market as of today.