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The consul general of Ukraine hints about his support to Yanukovych’s regime

The consul general of ukraine in Barcelona

On Friday January 24, 2014, the consul general at the consulate-general of Ukraine in Barcelona, Oleksandr Khrypunov (Олександр Вікторович Хрипунов), has refused to appear before the people who were protesting in front of the consulate building. During his short meeting with the representatives of the protesters the consul has expressed his support not to the protesting people but to the authoritarian government of Azarov and Yanukovych. Also, the consul finds the recently passed anti-protest laws in Ukraine as normal democratic laws that exist in every democratic country including Spain.

Low cost flights to Lviv

Unfortunately there are not many low cost flights from western Europe to Ukriaine. Usually you may end up paying a regular flight fare at the range of 400 Euros or more. But if you search for a bit more around you might be able to combine multiple low cost flights.

Soon I had to go from Barcelona to Lviv. Here is how I managed to fly low cost. 

1. RyanAir from Barcelona to Venice-Treviso – 32 Euros

2. WizzAir flight from Venice-Treviso to Lviv – 61 Euros

3. RyanAir flight from Venice-Treviso to Girona (Barcelona) – 10 Euros

Total: 103 Euros :)

WizzAir, flies to Lviv and Kiev from Venice-Treviso. You can try to combine your trip in similar way with other low cost airlines. But be careful to be at least 2-3 hours between the flights in case the first flight has some delay.

Also, Lviv is a very very nice city with very nice people. I strongly recommend you to visit it. There are some photos I took from Lviv which you can see at my flickr.

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