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WARNING – Scam – European Patent and Trademark Register

Few days after I made a trademark application I have received a scam letter by post with a fake invoice 960 Euros to be paid by wire transfer.

The name of the institution written on the invoice was European Patent and Trademark Register. Note, the only EU wide institutions dealing with patents and trademarks are:

European Patent and Trademark Register is a scam and fake name. There is no such institution or legal entity.

Payment details

The scam and fake invoice gives the following information about the payment.

Beneficiary: EPTR

Bank name: WBK Bank

IBAN: PL51 1090 1711 0000 0001 1624 7840 (PL51109017110000000116247840)


Bank address: Rynek 9/11, 50-950 Wroclaw, Poland

Payment by cheque:

Benefifiary: EPTR

Address: Ul. Morska 35, 75-212 Koszalin, Poland

Company details

Name: EPTR European Patent and Trademark Register sp.z.p.o.S.k


VAT: PL6692519281


Address: ul. Morska 35, 75-212, Koszalin, Poland

Registrar lookup for

After I did a lookup for the domain name I found that it is registered to:

Registrant Name: Piotr Lesisz

Registrant Street: MORSKA 35

Registrant City: KOSZALIN 

Registrant Country: POLAND

Registrant Phone: +48.728526609

Registrant Email: P.LESISZ2011@GOOGLEMAIL.COM

Admin Name: Piotr Lesisz

Admin Street: MORSKA 35

Admin City: KOSZALIN

Admin Country: POLAND

Admin Phone: +48.728526609


Scam European Patent and Trademark Register is scam fraud hosting

I have changed my hosting to including the domain name transfer. seemed very cheap $1 per month for windows hosting.

Problems began immediately after I subscribed. My web site was up only the first week. Later on there were continuous problems. When I wrote them through the online chat I was getting some template answers like "Our advanced administration team is working on the problem. We will inform you as soon as the problem is resolved."

I did some checks on google searching for "m2host complaints", "m2host scam", "m2host fraud" and there were quite many negative reviews complaining for fraudulent actions. Upon this I switched to red alarm and looked for an alternative hosting solution. However there was a problem. These idiots have put wrong contact data for my domain name including the admin email address thus being impossible for me to confirm the transfer to another registrar. So my domain name seemed to be hijacked.

I told m2host to put correct contact information for my domain name but with no success – they said we changed it and the changes will reflect after 24 hours. They lied me continuously about for everything. I started submitting complaints about fraudulent actions by m2host to ICNAA and m2host's registrar. Eventually I succeeded to get my domain name transferred and now I have control over it.

The next step was to get my money back from m2host. When I asked them for refund they said that they will issue and later on they confirmed that they issued the refund. Of course, I did not believe them and phoned (the company who processed the payment) to check about the refund. And I was right, m2host lied me one more time. I submitted a complaint to about m2host's scam and got my refund.

In relevant complaints on internet about m2host I read that these people use your personal data to access your paypal account.

Hey GUys! Becarefull from, those —- peoples just try to access my paypal account, they thought i have same password that i used at their client area, and they try to access my paypal but paypal block account and send me emails to reset your password security questions etc, becarefull everyone not to use paypal or any payment method with them. — (posted by razashah on Oct 13th 2010)