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AENA – Air control strikes in Spain for 2011

Before planning your trip you should know when air traffic controllers plan their strikes.

The syndicates of air traffic controllers has presented a notice of strike. The notice was submitted to the Ministry of Labor in Spain on 08.03.2011. The strike is intended to be against the privatization of AENA.

The dates which has been requested for strike are:

  • April – 20, 21, 24, 25 and 30 
  • May – 2, 14, 15, 19 and 20 
  • June – 13, 23 and 30
  • July – 1, 2, 3, 4, 15 and 31
  • August – 1, 15, and 31

These dates are not final and it may happen that the syndicates agree for the demands of the air traffic controllers and no strike happens.


And my opinion on this matter. I don't know what these people want actually. They are very well paid and want more. In December 2010, air controllers had an unofficial strike which caused huge damage to the Spanish economy. This strike was because the state restricted air controller extra hours thus limiting their upper bound income from 500 000 Euros to 250 000 Euros which they could potentially earn doing extra hours. Yes, indeed it hurts to be able to get half as much as before. But still their salary stays to be crazy number compared to the Spanish salaries.

Now an air controller who reads this message can put an argument saying that their job is very responsible because of taking care of thousands of passengers. Indeed it is important but not so important that air controllers cannot be replaced by other people. I personally believe that many people with decent education can do this job and therefore I don't see a reason air controllers earn 250 000 per year while most of the engineers in Spain earn about 30 000 per year (this is 8.3 times less). 


Reference in Spanish – Los sindicatos de AENA convocan 22 paros en los días clave de vacaciones

TSA Agent Mistreats a Passenger

I saw a blog post on Internet about how one airline passenger has been threatened by a TSA agent who abuses his rights. The post is available at TSA encounter at SAN published by victim passenger John Tyner. He has been provident to take all this in a video footage and also share it with us so that we see where US goes in its safety and security policies.

I really liked how John stood for his rights (or stolen rights). It is really unpleasant situation. The intention of the security officer who represents the law is obviously bad – the TSA agent has abused with his rights and continuously threatened John with a high fine and a civil suit. Many people would get scared in such situation, probably me, too.

I never passed through such screening device and I wouldn’t be against passing thinking that this is for our (passengers) safety and goodness. However, I think, just like John did, me and many people should ask themselves if this is the right way to protect the people. The US government is brainwashing the mind of the people by first creating a fear of terrorism and then telling that they protect the passengers from such attacks spending spending millions of the taxpayers’ money for equipment and also passing actually rules who limit our freedom. Is this the right way? Usually there are infinite approaches to do something wrong and limited number of approaches to do it right. My statement should not be interpreted that the US government does not protect the citizens, however probably the problem is that the government sees the bigger problem at the wrong place and by treating every passenger or a foreigner as a criminal or even worse as a terrorist.

Low cost flights to Lviv

Unfortunately there are not many low cost flights from western Europe to Ukriaine. Usually you may end up paying a regular flight fare at the range of 400 Euros or more. But if you search for a bit more around you might be able to combine multiple low cost flights.

Soon I had to go from Barcelona to Lviv. Here is how I managed to fly low cost. 

1. RyanAir from Barcelona to Venice-Treviso – 32 Euros

2. WizzAir flight from Venice-Treviso to Lviv – 61 Euros

3. RyanAir flight from Venice-Treviso to Girona (Barcelona) – 10 Euros

Total: 103 Euros :)

WizzAir, flies to Lviv and Kiev from Venice-Treviso. You can try to combine your trip in similar way with other low cost airlines. But be careful to be at least 2-3 hours between the flights in case the first flight has some delay.

Also, Lviv is a very very nice city with very nice people. I strongly recommend you to visit it. There are some photos I took from Lviv which you can see at my flickr.

feradz - View my 'Lviv' set on Flickriver

Back from Istanbul

This post may be a bit late but I ardly had time to write it. Before 2 weeks I visited my friends and also relatives in Istanbul. For those who don’t know Istanbul is a cradle of cultures and well of history. My favorit places there that I like to spent my time are around Taksim, Ortakoy, 4. Levent, Sisli. This time I went to the workplace of a friend of mine who is resposnible in the construction of the highest skyskaper being built in Istanbul – Sapphire. We went to the top and I took photos with amazing views. It was really a full holiday.

Photo taken from the top of the highest skyskaper being built in Istanbul - Sapphire - 526m.

Photo taken from the top of the highest skyskaper being built in Istanbul - Sapphire - 526m.

Istiklal Street is the most famous street in Istanbul.

Istiklal Street is the most famous street in Istanbul.