WARNING – Scam – European Patent and Trademark Register

Few days after I made a trademark application I have received a scam letter by post with a fake invoice 960 Euros to be paid by wire transfer.

The name of the institution written on the invoice was European Patent and Trademark Register. Note, the only EU wide institutions dealing with patents and trademarks are:

European Patent and Trademark Register is a scam and fake name. There is no such institution or legal entity.

Payment details

The scam and fake invoice gives the following information about the payment.

Beneficiary: EPTR

Bank name: WBK Bank

IBAN: PL51 1090 1711 0000 0001 1624 7840 (PL51109017110000000116247840)


Bank address: Rynek 9/11, 50-950 Wroclaw, Poland

Payment by cheque:

Benefifiary: EPTR

Address: Ul. Morska 35, 75-212 Koszalin, Poland

Company details

Name: EPTR European Patent and Trademark Register sp.z.p.o.S.k

URL: www.eptr-register.com

VAT: PL6692519281

Email: info@eptr-register.com

Address: ul. Morska 35, 75-212, Koszalin, Poland

Registrar lookup for eptr-register.com

After I did a lookup for the domain name eptr-register.com I found that it is registered to:

Registrant Name: Piotr Lesisz

Registrant Street: MORSKA 35

Registrant City: KOSZALIN 

Registrant Country: POLAND

Registrant Phone: +48.728526609

Registrant Email: P.LESISZ2011@GOOGLEMAIL.COM

Admin Name: Piotr Lesisz

Admin Street: MORSKA 35

Admin City: KOSZALIN

Admin Country: POLAND

Admin Phone: +48.728526609


Scam European Patent and Trademark Register

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  1. I received the same letter.  I did not wire the money because I have doubt that EPTR really has a location in a country such as Poland, if you can call it a country.  The quality of paper and ink used in this letter doed not look like from a civilzed world either.  It is pitiful these scammers from Poland cannot scam people in a professional way.  This country really has a long way to become civilized. 

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