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Disable the auto popup toolbar during full screen mode in VMWare Workstation 8

I frequently develop in a guest OS which I run on VMWare Workstation. I usually run the guest OS in full screen mode in one of my monitors. However, when I move the mouse to the top corner the monitor VMWare's toolbar pops up. Sometimes this can be very annoying because the application menu under it is not accessible and you have to wait until the toolbar hides again. I always wanted to disable the toolbar at all. However, I could not find any way to disable and remove it – as I understand there is not such functionality in VMWare Workstation 8.

Luckily I found a workaround for it. I used special configuration parameters to delay the popup of the toolbar with arbitrary time. What you need to do is add the following lines (colored in green) in VMware's preferences.ini file.


pref.fullscreen.showDelay = "5000" — delay the showing of the toolbar 5000ms (5 seconds) 

pref.fullscreen.hideDelay = "1000" — hide the toolbar after 1000ms (1 second)

In Win7 the preferences.ini file is located at