Minimum warranty period for consumer goods in Spain is 2 years

The minimum warranty period for consumer goods in Spain is set by law to be 2 years (for new products). In case of second hand products it is minimum 1 year.

Consumer goods are defined to be movable goods for private consumption/use such as:


  • Optical instruments and equipment, photography, watches and music
  • Tools, knives, cutlery and other common metal manufacturing
  • Furniture, home furnishings, accessories and household goods
  • Appliances, electrical, electronic and computer and software
  • Vehicles and spare parts
  • Toys, games for recreation and sport
  • Dwelling

For reference

The problem is that many companies for example, Dell, HP, Apple, Canon and many others write in the warranty card of the warranty period of the purchased items is 1 year which violates the already set law buy the state. If your purchased item breaks between the 1st and 2d year after you have bought it and the seller refuses to repair it for free  then you should show the seller the text from the link above.


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