How to – Dell XPS 15z – Battery Replacement

I have just seen on Dell's support site a how to for replacing a battery of Dell XPS 15z. The battery of this computer is embedded and the replacement requires opening the box. But the procedure is really straightforward. I have also searched a non-Dell place where one could buy a cheap replacement battery but unfortunately did not find any. The only I know is Dell and price tag is about $185 – which is pretty expensive.

By the way, there is one procedure which I follow to extend the battery life of my computer. When it is plugged, I disable battery charging from the power options – (down right next to the clock or Fn+F3). Based on my prior experience this approach extends the battery life to years unless the battery has some fabrication defect. 

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  1. i m from india

    my 1 yr warranty for my XPS 15Z expired on 24th april 2013

    I contacted dell india n they say battery is not in store..

    i dunno wat to do 

    pls guide

  2. I suggest you to call again.

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