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Skateboarding girl – MACBA Barcelona

Skateboarding girl by feradz
Skateboarding girl a photo by feradz on Flickr.

The square in front of Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) or the museum of contemporary art Barcelona is a place where many people demonstrate their skateboarding skills. It is interesting to hang out there and to chat with some of them. They all have very interesting stories.

My PhD Defense

My PhD Defense by feradz
My PhD Defense a photo by feradz on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
A very important event for me – the moment of closing the last page of one very thick book. Something which 19 years ago I set as one of my most important goals – to become a doctor of philosophy.

How to – Dell XPS 15z – Battery Replacement

I have just seen on Dell's support site a how to for replacing a battery of Dell XPS 15z. The battery of this computer is embedded and the replacement requires opening the box. But the procedure is really straightforward. I have also searched a non-Dell place where one could buy a cheap replacement battery but unfortunately did not find any. The only I know is Dell and price tag is about $185 – which is pretty expensive.

By the way, there is one procedure which I follow to extend the battery life of my computer. When it is plugged, I disable battery charging from the power options – (down right next to the clock or Fn+F3). Based on my prior experience this approach extends the battery life to years unless the battery has some fabrication defect.