Protests at the day of the elections in Barcelona

Although the police banned the protests for the day of the local election in Spain they still continue. People are angry on government’s measures to fight with the economic crisis in the country. These measures favor the business and the rich companies by cutting from the social welfare and people’s social benefits such as healthcare, public service, retirement etc.

In Barcelona the main stage of the protests is Placa Catalunya. Mostly young people are gathered here to protest the politicians who do not care of the. There are set camps in the middle of the square and posters all around with messages criticizing the government and demanding social centric approach for the crisis solution. The protesters were organized in a community way providing cleaning, cooking and other basic services for long stay at the site.

Indeed, it is the time when the government of Spain and also other governments around the world start listening to their people but not the banks. Instead of making laws that will make the people poorer and banks richer they should shut down the blood sucking banks and ill-fated companies and return people’s rights and freedom of political and economic control.

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