Yoigo internet connection on Samsung Galaxy S

Here is how you should configure to have internet connection using Yoigo on your Samsung Galaxy S.

  1. Go to: Applications->Settings->Wireless and network->Mobile networks->Access Point Names
  2. Click the menu button (down left) and choose "New APN"
  3. Make sure that you fill in the fields as follows:

Name: Yoigo

APN: Internet

Proxy: Not set

Port: Not set

User name: Not set

Password: Not set

Server: Not set

MMSC: Not set

MMS proxy: Not set

MMS port: Not set

MCC: 214

MNC: 04

Authentication type: PAP

APN type: Internet

  1. After you finish, select the new APN configuration
  2. Restart the phone
  3. Make sure that the data connection on the phone is enabled


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