m2host.com is scam fraud hosting

I have changed my hosting to m2host.com including the domain name transfer. m2host.com seemed very cheap $1 per month for windows hosting.

Problems began immediately after I subscribed. My web site was up only the first week. Later on there were continuous problems. When I wrote them through the online chat I was getting some template answers like "Our advanced administration team is working on the problem. We will inform you as soon as the problem is resolved."

I did some checks on google searching for "m2host complaints", "m2host scam", "m2host fraud" and there were quite many negative reviews complaining for fraudulent actions. Upon this I switched to red alarm and looked for an alternative hosting solution. However there was a problem. These idiots have put wrong contact data for my domain name including the admin email address thus being impossible for me to confirm the transfer to another registrar. So my domain name seemed to be hijacked.

I told m2host to put correct contact information for my domain name but with no success – they said we changed it and the changes will reflect after 24 hours. They lied me continuously about for everything. I started submitting complaints about fraudulent actions by m2host to ICNAA and m2host's registrar. Eventually I succeeded to get my domain name transferred and now I have control over it.

The next step was to get my money back from m2host. When I asked them for refund they said that they will issue and later on they confirmed that they issued the refund. Of course, I did not believe them and phoned 2co.com (the company who processed the payment) to check about the refund. And I was right, m2host lied me one more time. I submitted a complaint to 2co.com about m2host's scam and got my refund.

In relevant complaints on internet about m2host I read that these people use your personal data to access your paypal account.

Hey GUys! Becarefull from m2host.com, those —- peoples just try to access my paypal account, they thought i have same password that i used at their client area, and they try to access my paypal but paypal block account and send me emails to reset your password security questions etc, becarefull everyone not to use paypal or any payment method with them. — http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=1969001 (posted by razashah on Oct 13th 2010)

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  1. I had an account with M2Host and hosted my we-site there. In 3 months my web-site was hacked, fishing software was installed on main folder and I've got compalint from another source. I created support ticket, asked M2Host to investigate. They never helepd me to investigate how my domain was hacked and more than that they deleted all log files. I created another supprt ticket, but the naswer was, like I installed fishing software myself. 
    No help, no support, and no naswer for my inquiries.
    The worst and unsecure service.
    I had to change web hoster to mere reliable one. Now I am on iPage.
    Guys, do not use this service.  

  2. Forgot to mention, we-site was designed 5 years ago, and I never had such problems with other web-hostings.

  3. M2host is very fake company. for example right now their website is down. I bought a hosting account from them and pointed the dns records to their server. 5 days have gone since i did this but they are yet to configure my domain records.

  4. This is very similar to my case! Their “advanced server administration team” could not fix the problem for a month. I suggest you – Don’t talk with them. If you can make backup of your site make backup and move to another hosting provider. I use http://www.hostbig.com it is still cheap (but not windows). As a step in the procedure ask them for refund. They will say that they refund you but they will not refund you. After 24 hours call 2co.com (the company that processes the transaction) and complain.

  5. This http://www.m2host.com scam companu have more web sites

    http://www.webhostingworld.net is also their one of the web sites


  6. Thank you all for your explanation & review. I have interested in m2host for the first time, but now my eyes is open.
    Once again thank you for your review :)

  7. m2host.com is cheating company. i have paid them the money but they didnt giving me services after 50 mail and ticket open they renew my domain but after few days run they again stop the server.
    so if you are planning to business with them then dont take their fake offer that i cheated. i dont want other people be cheated like me.
    No more m2host write FBI and other internet legal company to ban them.

  8. sites are down from past 2 days, no response from them. tickets are unanswered… bastards.

  9. Hey Ferad,

    I've been waiting for my refund for 6 months. How could you get your refund? I will appreciate if you direct me to the correct place since these idiots are telling me that they will refund everyday. I can't tell you what I've been through with these idiots :(

  10. Hi, I have contacted directly with the company which processed the transaction. In my case this was 2co.com. I called them on your customer attention phone and explained about the problem. 2co.com explained me that as a procedure I need t wait 2 days for answer from m2host and if I don’t get refund from them to call 2co.com again. Of course, m2host did not have any answer. I called back 2co.com – then they have immediately issued the refund.

  11. Very bad hosts indeed, server problems and all my accounts go down weekly, very hot tempered and unprofessional agents like CAROL and BETTY

  12. was good

  13. M2Host is absolute FRAUD and SCAM. Support /billing/sales departements are very hopless and you wouldn't get any resposible reply from them. Telephone number on website of M2Host.com is fake.
    My site found down almost more than 30 hours in 10 days of web hosting and I didn't get single responsible reply from them. I cancelled my plan within moneyback period but didn't get reply and money back too after several attempts.
    M2Host is providing cheap web hosting for cheating only. All staff of M2host is hopeless and big bullshits. My site http://www.overce.com was hosted in M2Host for 10 days only. Those 10 days were just like nightmare for me.
    You can check my review for M2Host from following link too. I have published official press note for same.

  14. yeah man you are right. Betty, Carol and Sarah. All these jerks suck. I had problem with my domian. They din't activated it on time and it got expired. I told them several times but they kept on saying it would be okay within 5-6 hours. This kept on for about 3 days and finally I decided to move on to another host.
    Right now I am chatting with UGLY BETTY 😛

  15. I agree, they lie like a cheap rug.  It clearly stated on their website that they offer free domain registration for the life of the account.  I signed up for a 3 year plan.  They informed me that I had to renew my domain.  I told them I had screenshots of their site stating the domain name was free for the life of the account.  They said they would honor that and renew it. ITS BEEN MONTHS AND THEY STILL HAVEN'T.

    I contacted support and they said they had renewed it until 2013 – LIE!  I contacted billing and they stated that the auto-renew somehow was missed, and they claimed they manually renewed it – LIE!.
    I've submitted multiple support tickets and now haven't heard anything new.  The domain expires in 2 days and I still have 2 more years of hosting with that awful company!

  16. Hello,
    Please do not buy hosting from http://www.hostbig.com, very bad servers. My website http://www.7ro.ro is hosted by Hostbig.com and my website get error daily. This is error :
    You don't have permission to access / on this server.
    Hostbig.com is a scam. After 5 months my website has stopped definitively.I opened a ticket, i not received response never.

    Please do not buy hosting from hostbig.com

  17. Hello,
    I have experience with m2host and it is very fake company about web hosting.
    They provides offers on there side and that are not really while signup the plan.
    they do not care about their clients after signup. They just want money.

  18. Ahhh..
    I found latest update that m2host is a indian company and they says to clients that our office is in USA. 
    Also they do not register there clients domains immediately… just taking payment and leaving clients…
    So guys…. make attention on this and do not attract to cheap hosting like m2host…
    pay more but get better service like hostgator, bluehost, etc..

  19. Really I haven't any words that express what I need to say,
    all I can say that, if you like to lost your company name, or lost your name
    go to work with m2host
    they are very very bad company
    always services are go to be down, emails, connection.
    ………… my story
    we are a company and go to get our private name server and hosting , we found that they are the sheepest.
    we go with them
    then may be every two days a problem happen.
    we can't connect ftp – emails not sending – can't create another customer
    go to contact with online support (is the only advantage) they reply you quickly and all are only three girls (Sara – Betty – Carol)
    the professionalism of them are very boor
    always you should send a ticket
    then at the final we go to cancel with them
    and lost alot of customers who will say any thing good about us

    really any body will work with them , he should be ready to lost his mind


  20. M2host.com the worse i bougth a domain and hosting plan 3 months ago, and until today nothing they cant give me the service because some f#$%$#ing domain problem.
    Dont lose your money with M2host.com

  21. by the way i hate CAROL

  22. This is really a cheating company, not a hosting company, I have recently bought a hosting package in spite of I read all negative comments on the internet.
    Now, my domain is not hosted, it is really does not work, they have no service,
    You never get answer your tickets
    Never buy a hosting from http://www.m2host.com


  23. My experience with m2host.
    1. Down time without notification
    2. Down time can happen quite often
    3. Domain extension sucks, it took a week or more to active, they kept giving me x hour and x hour will be active till a week. One of my domain expired yesterday and i've notified billing dept to anticipate this, too bad they serve so bad.
    4. Ticket ? don't expect fast answer :(
    It's better find a recomended and trustable hosting with higher price rather than dealing with this kind of cheap hosting.
    I don't want to host in m2host anymore. Kapok!

  24. Thanks all for sharing your bad experience. I believe your feedback helps many people to avoid getting in the trap of m2host.

  25. You are all lucky… they do not reply to me at all.
    I subscribed (Oct 14), cancelled the next day (as they then stated they could not offer what I required). However, even though they have a guarantee, they have not refunded my money and keep sending me overdue notices. 
    They also have never responded to any communications after my initial cancel request of Oct 15.  Their phone is also busy 100% of the time!
    3 months later… still no replies and still no refund and still getting overdue notices.
    My next step is contacting the Cyber Crimes Supervisor, Sergeant Walter Bowling, Charlotte Police Department and the

  26. If you have problems with the refund – and I don’t doubt that you have just simply check your payslip from the bank account to see who have handled the transaction. In my case the transaction was handled bu 2checkout (www.2checkout.com). I called 2checkout and complained about m2host and asked to cancel the transaction. I had my refund in 3 days. Go ahead and talk directly with the party which handled your transaction and report m2host for scam and fraud.

  27. Hi,

    Great blog. My experience has been so bad, that I have actually made a "fan" website at http://www.m2host.net.tc. I recently spoke to them on 24hour chat and they claimed that you were a jealous competitor. Until I get my money back, they are going to realize that I will not stop until I get them. Truly horrible scammers.

  28. Hi, I bought from m2 hosting 1 domain , 1 hosting plan and 1 windows reseller.;
    1. They registrer my domain in 11 days, 
    2.Before when i want to buy hosting, i connect their online support, I ask them that can i host .de domain in their hosting plan. Operator told me " sure " . After i paid it but about of 2 mounth it still dont work.
    3.Their reseller connection show down everyday. Now about of 4 days , servers are closed.
    They are really cheaters, DONT BUY ANYTHINK . I am not sad about 60 – 70 $ . I loose my hit in google. I lose  customers.  Now google index my domains with no index. How they will pay it to me…
    They have more web side, But their all webside templates is the same. DONT BUY ANYTHINK FROM m2host.com

  29. It is really sad to know the bad consequences. Yes, indeed m2host can cause much bigger damage than just the few $$ that they are after.

  30. They just dumped the entire contents of my account, web directories and all the customers' FTP accounts. Databases have reverted to 01 Nov 2011 00:00:00, which is a very strange timestamp for last access

    this is by far the worst host i have ever encounted in my whole life as a web designer
    1. Uptime & Reliability: Their website is down for the most part of the day. I have installed a monitor to monitor the account inactivity and it reports at least 5 hour per day of downtime which is pretty bad. M2Host is advertising 99.9 uptime guaranteed which is not true and they are doing it to lure you in to sign up with them
    2. Server & Connection speed: Bad. Their servers are bad. 
    3. Technical support and knowledge: I guess they are ok on that area. They know most part of what you request to them. 
    4. Customer service & billing: The worst out of all. a. they dont have a phone number support line and the toll free they list in their website does not work! it forwards to a voicemail than nobody answers or call you back. As far as their policy go, as soon as they will generate your invoice they will suspend your account the same day without sending you a deadline to pay your bill. My last invoice was generated on 3/15/2012 and the same day they suspended my account. It took me 2 days to unsuspend the account, i had my clients calling and complaining, overall, they treat you like ship and crap with no respect. Bad customer service and ethics. All of their employees are not US Based and they are rude. In another incident i was waiting on the chat room and the guy hanged up on me while i was with them in the chat. So rude and disrespectful. Then he went offline and never came back until the next day! 
    5. Price value for money – i guess you get what you pay for. Cheap value for cheap service and bad customer support 
    If i recommend this host? hell no! save your money and time by signing with a reputable server provider. You may pay a little bit more but on the long run its worth the investment

    M2host is a scam. you only loose what you pay. 
    if you need more details please write windanajith@gmail.com


  34. m2host.com is not hosting company, actually the whole story is as follows.
    m2host.com, webhostingworld.net, doller2host.com and myresellerhome.com these are just webhosting sites own by one owner which are working from Maharashtra –India. they working all three sites and clients load within 4 techs & 4 pc. all servers are loaded. they do not register domains till 5 -8 months, if client did not contact them min. 50 times to ask them register domains till then they will not register your domain. if u just placed order and did not contact more than 50 times to ask them domain registration then your domain will not register, lot of clients beg them to register domain names even if they paid it.
    these are not hosting companies, these are just hosting websites to make money. no one will satisfied if they purchase any product from these above sites (not hosting companies)

  35. m2host is fake company, their services is down every week. i have one domain with them but i dont know how i will transfer domain from them. can any one suggest me how can i transfer my domain from them ?

  36. You simply go to some registrar – for example GoDaddy or another hosting company and start the procedure for domain transfer. Then you should receive an email to allow the domain transfer. If you don’t receive the email then the bastards at m2host fucked up your registration data and you have to find the owner of the email which is registered as contact to your domain. The ultimate solution is to complain at ARIN.

  37. I am happy that first I read your review and have not entered my data to their site. Thanks a lot!

  38. Glad to know this post saved at least one person!

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