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Yoigo internet connection on Samsung Galaxy S

Here is how you should configure to have internet connection using Yoigo on your Samsung Galaxy S.

  1. Go to: Applications->Settings->Wireless and network->Mobile networks->Access Point Names
  2. Click the menu button (down left) and choose "New APN"
  3. Make sure that you fill in the fields as follows:

Name: Yoigo

APN: Internet

Proxy: Not set

Port: Not set

User name: Not set

Password: Not set

Server: Not set

MMSC: Not set

MMS proxy: Not set

MMS port: Not set

MCC: 214

MNC: 04

Authentication type: PAP

APN type: Internet

  1. After you finish, select the new APN configuration
  2. Restart the phone
  3. Make sure that the data connection on the phone is enabled

Enjoy is scam fraud hosting

I have changed my hosting to including the domain name transfer. seemed very cheap $1 per month for windows hosting.

Problems began immediately after I subscribed. My web site was up only the first week. Later on there were continuous problems. When I wrote them through the online chat I was getting some template answers like "Our advanced administration team is working on the problem. We will inform you as soon as the problem is resolved."

I did some checks on google searching for "m2host complaints", "m2host scam", "m2host fraud" and there were quite many negative reviews complaining for fraudulent actions. Upon this I switched to red alarm and looked for an alternative hosting solution. However there was a problem. These idiots have put wrong contact data for my domain name including the admin email address thus being impossible for me to confirm the transfer to another registrar. So my domain name seemed to be hijacked.

I told m2host to put correct contact information for my domain name but with no success – they said we changed it and the changes will reflect after 24 hours. They lied me continuously about for everything. I started submitting complaints about fraudulent actions by m2host to ICNAA and m2host's registrar. Eventually I succeeded to get my domain name transferred and now I have control over it.

The next step was to get my money back from m2host. When I asked them for refund they said that they will issue and later on they confirmed that they issued the refund. Of course, I did not believe them and phoned (the company who processed the payment) to check about the refund. And I was right, m2host lied me one more time. I submitted a complaint to about m2host's scam and got my refund.

In relevant complaints on internet about m2host I read that these people use your personal data to access your paypal account.

Hey GUys! Becarefull from, those —- peoples just try to access my paypal account, they thought i have same password that i used at their client area, and they try to access my paypal but paypal block account and send me emails to reset your password security questions etc, becarefull everyone not to use paypal or any payment method with them. — (posted by razashah on Oct 13th 2010)

Movistar customer care sucks – problems canceling a service

Before less than a month to get Samsung Galaxy S for free, I changed my mobile operator to Movistar. Together with the free mobile phone the promotion included an USB modem for internet connection. The line with for the USB mobile internet was free for the first month and later on I had to pay some subscription fee if I don't cancel it. I really did not need this USB internet and said to the guy on the shop that I don't want. But he insisted that I have to take it because it is his duty that he gives it to me. He told me that I just have to call the customer care to cancel the USB internet subscription.

Yesterday, I decided to call the customer care and to cancel it. I had to listen hundreds of offers just to not cancel the USB internet – of course none of them were completely free. I insisted that I will cancel. Then I was transferred to the department of cancellations (departmento de bajas). In an attempt to persuade me to not cancel the line the operator again told me the same hundreds of promotions. At the end the operator told me that I have to send a letter by post their department in Madrid. This was ridiculous.

It was such a straightforward procedure to opt in and it is such a hell complicated to opt out. As far as I know, Spain passed a low stating that telecommunication companies which provide service to end users (like Movistar) should provide a mechanism to cancel a service through email or phone without requiring sending letters by post. Well, I will further investigate why Movistar does not comply to this. I would be happy if they get one lawsuit for it and be screwed with some millions of euros.

The address I had to send the letter is:


Apartado de Correos 151124

28080 Madrid

I have an update regarding the complicated process for canceling a service. Today (June 12, 2013) a friend of mine who tried to cancel her mobile phone at Orange told me that she has initially gone through a similar procedure which I describe above. Later she searched on internet and found that if you ask the operator on the phone for an immediate cancellation according to the established law, they must (are obliged) to cancel the service within 48 hours without asking you for further complicated procedures such as sending fax or a letter. So what she did is called back again, and said in Spanish that she wants to cancel the service immediately according to the law (Quiero dar de baja inmediata por la ley). After wrestling on the phone for a bit with the operator finally the mobile company has agreed to cancel it immediately.