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The photo which boosted my flickr stats

Swans [Explored] by feradz
Swans [Explored] a photo by feradz on Flickr.

Thanks to this photo I could see what is it to have high ranked photo in flickr explore. On 23.02.2011 the highest position which this photo reached was 20th.During the same day the photo was
– shown on flickr’s front page
– viewed 795 times
– commented 42 times
– faved 52 times
– included in 2 galleries
– my flickr photo stream received 3411 visits

These numbers mean very nice things to me – mainly that my photos are good :) I would like to thank all flickr users for their comments and faves.

And now let me tell a bit more about the photo. I took this photo during a ballet performance of Swan’s Lake in Lviv. This was the first time when I was in a ballet and definitely it was one of the most beautiful stage performances I have ever seen. The costumes, illumination and decoration were fabulous. Of course, these would not mean anything without the so talented artists who actually made this magical performance. If you go to Lviv, I would strongly recommend you to go to a performance in Lviv’s Opera House. Last but not least I would like to thank to my girlfriend’s mother for making us gift the first row tickets for the ballet. It was one of the best gifts I have ever received!

Mercurial host fingerprint warning

The problem:

Recently I have updated my system and also mecrurial. Today I tried to do some work with a repository hosted in another machine and I got the following warning:

"warning: certificate with fingerprint e1:0e:46:81:37:20:33:aa:42:c0:98:d7:e9:7f:c6:19:7a:ee:d5:37 not verified (check hostfingerprints or web.cacerts config setting)" 

This really annoyed me and I did some search around what is necessary to do to get rid of this warning. And the solution follows.

The solution:

Add the following lines to the .hgrc file which is located in your home directory (if the file is not there create it).

[hostfingerprints] = e1:0e:46:81:37:20:33:aa:42:c0:98:d7:e9:7f:c6:19:7a:ee:d5:37


Assuming that e1:0e:46:81:37:20:33:aa:42:c0:98:d7:e9:7f:c6:19:7a:ee:d5:37 is the fingerprint for your host (displayed in the warning message).

And this should be enough to not see the warning message anymore.


Supermoon by feradz
Supermoon a photo by feradz on Flickr.

Tonight is one of rare phenomena called supermoon. I have photographed it right away from my balcony. Supermoon happens when the Moon is at its closest point to the Earth while circling around its orbit. The last time Supermoon has been observed 20 years ago. Today the Moon is 50 000km (30 000 miles) closer to the Earth and will appear 30% brighter. Indeed the Moon was quite bright.

I dedicate this photo to my love Galya.

AENA – Air control strikes in Spain for 2011

Before planning your trip you should know when air traffic controllers plan their strikes.

The syndicates of air traffic controllers has presented a notice of strike. The notice was submitted to the Ministry of Labor in Spain on 08.03.2011. The strike is intended to be against the privatization of AENA.

The dates which has been requested for strike are:

  • April – 20, 21, 24, 25 and 30 
  • May – 2, 14, 15, 19 and 20 
  • June – 13, 23 and 30
  • July – 1, 2, 3, 4, 15 and 31
  • August – 1, 15, and 31

These dates are not final and it may happen that the syndicates agree for the demands of the air traffic controllers and no strike happens.


And my opinion on this matter. I don't know what these people want actually. They are very well paid and want more. In December 2010, air controllers had an unofficial strike which caused huge damage to the Spanish economy. This strike was because the state restricted air controller extra hours thus limiting their upper bound income from 500 000 Euros to 250 000 Euros which they could potentially earn doing extra hours. Yes, indeed it hurts to be able to get half as much as before. But still their salary stays to be crazy number compared to the Spanish salaries.

Now an air controller who reads this message can put an argument saying that their job is very responsible because of taking care of thousands of passengers. Indeed it is important but not so important that air controllers cannot be replaced by other people. I personally believe that many people with decent education can do this job and therefore I don't see a reason air controllers earn 250 000 per year while most of the engineers in Spain earn about 30 000 per year (this is 8.3 times less). 


Reference in Spanish – Los sindicatos de AENA convocan 22 paros en los días clave de vacaciones

Blue Olympos

Blue Olympos by feradz
Blue Olympos a photo by feradz on Flickr.

On the photo are the Olympos mountains in Antalya, Turkey. I took this photo from the Lara beach in Antalya. It was early sunset with still strong backlight. Mountains look blue because of the reflection of the light over the water surface.

Hamachi Bug Is Causing DNS Problems

I have installed hamachi on my windows 7. When I change my network adapter, after a while my computer cannot resolve DNS addresses. For example, at home I use WiFi. I suspend my computer and go to the office. At work I connect to the wired Ethernet connection (i.e. change the network adapter) and after a while my system is unable to resolve DNS addresses.

Solution for this is either to reboot the computer or disable the hamachi adapter from Network Connections (Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections).