C# application for IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad Temperature and Fan Sensors

I have soon implemented a C# application that reads and displays the temperature and fans sensors in IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad laptops. You can download it from http://www.feradz.com/resources/CpuTemperature-20110112.zip. It is free and open source (GPL v3.0).

Compatible with:

  • ThinkPad A31
  • ThinkPad R51
  • ThinkPad T40
  • ThinkPad T43, T43p
  • ThinkPad T60
  • ThinkPad T61
  • ThinkPad T61p
  • ThinkPad X31
  • ThinkPad T400
  • ThinkPad T400s
  • ThinkPad T500


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  1. Hi! Nice job. If you could provide some more information such as where did you find the information such as sensors and its port and value etc…

    And do you know how it can detect whether the computer is docked to the ultrabase?

  2. This is for undocked computer. I have read some information about the sensors from:

  3. Hi Jeff, I don’t know how to detect whether the computer is docked.

  4. Cool! Thanks for sharing. My T500 likes it :) But on older ThinkPads I'm using a modified/forked version of TPFanControl (Win32 & Linux)

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