TSA Agent Mistreats a Passenger

I saw a blog post on Internet about how one airline passenger has been threatened by a TSA agent who abuses his rights. The post is available at TSA encounter at SAN published by victim passenger John Tyner. He has been provident to take all this in a video footage and also share it with us so that we see where US goes in its safety and security policies.

I really liked how John stood for his rights (or stolen rights). It is really unpleasant situation. The intention of the security officer who represents the law is obviously bad – the TSA agent has abused with his rights and continuously threatened John with a high fine and a civil suit. Many people would get scared in such situation, probably me, too.

I never passed through such screening device and I wouldn’t be against passing thinking that this is for our (passengers) safety and goodness. However, I think, just like John did, me and many people should ask themselves if this is the right way to protect the people. The US government is brainwashing the mind of the people by first creating a fear of terrorism and then telling that they protect the passengers from such attacks spending spending millions of the taxpayers’ money for equipment and also passing actually rules who limit our freedom. Is this the right way? Usually there are infinite approaches to do something wrong and limited number of approaches to do it right. My statement should not be interpreted that the US government does not protect the citizens, however probably the problem is that the government sees the bigger problem at the wrong place and by treating every passenger or a foreigner as a criminal or even worse as a terrorist.

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