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Stereotypes of European Countries

A friend of mine sent me few links to images – maps of Europe. These images show what people in one European country think about the other countries. I believe many people, particularly Europeans will like them. Are the maps correct? :)

How Bulgaria sees Europe

Europe According to Bulgaria

How Great Britan sees Europe

Europe According to Britain

How Germany sees Europe

Europe According to Germany

How Italy sees Europe

Europe According to Italy

How Poland sees Europe

Europe According to Poland

How France sees Europe

Europe According to France

How Russia sees Europe

Europe According to Russia

How USA sees Europe

Europe According to the United States of America

How EU sees Europe

Where I Live

How Vatican sees Europe

Europe According to The Vatican

How a gay sees Europe

Europe According to Gay Men

How US sees the world

World According to the United States of America

How US sees South America

South America According to the United States of America

I have just seen that these maps are also available at their designers site Alpha Designer.

TSA Agent Mistreats a Passenger

I saw a blog post on Internet about how one airline passenger has been threatened by a TSA agent who abuses his rights. The post is available at TSA encounter at SAN published by victim passenger John Tyner. He has been provident to take all this in a video footage and also share it with us so that we see where US goes in its safety and security policies.

I really liked how John stood for his rights (or stolen rights). It is really unpleasant situation. The intention of the security officer who represents the law is obviously bad – the TSA agent has abused with his rights and continuously threatened John with a high fine and a civil suit. Many people would get scared in such situation, probably me, too.

I never passed through such screening device and I wouldn’t be against passing thinking that this is for our (passengers) safety and goodness. However, I think, just like John did, me and many people should ask themselves if this is the right way to protect the people. The US government is brainwashing the mind of the people by first creating a fear of terrorism and then telling that they protect the passengers from such attacks spending spending millions of the taxpayers’ money for equipment and also passing actually rules who limit our freedom. Is this the right way? Usually there are infinite approaches to do something wrong and limited number of approaches to do it right. My statement should not be interpreted that the US government does not protect the citizens, however probably the problem is that the government sees the bigger problem at the wrong place and by treating every passenger or a foreigner as a criminal or even worse as a terrorist.

Low cost flights to Lviv

Unfortunately there are not many low cost flights from western Europe to Ukriaine. Usually you may end up paying a regular flight fare at the range of 400 Euros or more. But if you search for a bit more around you might be able to combine multiple low cost flights.

Soon I had to go from Barcelona to Lviv. Here is how I managed to fly low cost. 

1. RyanAir from Barcelona to Venice-Treviso – 32 Euros

2. WizzAir flight from Venice-Treviso to Lviv – 61 Euros

3. RyanAir flight from Venice-Treviso to Girona (Barcelona) – 10 Euros

Total: 103 Euros :)

WizzAir, flies to Lviv and Kiev from Venice-Treviso. You can try to combine your trip in similar way with other low cost airlines. But be careful to be at least 2-3 hours between the flights in case the first flight has some delay.

Also, Lviv is a very very nice city with very nice people. I strongly recommend you to visit it. There are some photos I took from Lviv which you can see at my flickr.

feradz - View my 'Lviv' set on Flickriver

Selling Photos on Flickr

I would like to share my experience of selling photos on flickr. I am an amateur photographer and regularly upload photos to flickr from my trips or events such as birthday parties. Several times different people have contacted me over flickr mail asking me for permission to use my photos in their work – most likely to be used for advertisement. I did not want to give my work just like that for free because of two reasons. First, if other people earn money from my photos it is fair that they pay me for the photo. Second, anything (including a photo) is obtained for free, it is considered less valuable than others that cost something – shortly my photos are valuable for me and I want others to value them by paying.

The photos which I sold until now from flickr are.

Camp Nou – 350 Euros
Camp Nou

Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya – 100 Euros
Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

Rowing – 100 Euros


So what do you need to do to sell photos in such a way over flickr? I recommend that you:

·         Use relevant title

·         Assign relevant tags

·         Write description

·         Put your photo in relevant groups

·         Use “All rights reserved” copyright

·         Prepare a price list

·         Prepare a copyright text for licensing your photo

·         Restrict the access to your original image

·         Finally, it is obvious that you have to make your photo public

The title and tags for your photo help users to find it easily when they search on flickr.

The description of the photo is useful to give more additional details of the photo – background, event, location etc.

Adding your photo in relevant groups increases its visibility and popularity. For example, when you add your photo in groups, people comment on it and add it to their favorite collection. The popularity (interestingness) of your photo increases with the number of people who add it as favorite and also commented it. Usually, more popular (interesting) photos are shown first in the search results and also displayed at various places which are visited by many people such as the flickr explore front page.

Set the copyright of your photos to “All rights reserved”. If your photo is assigned a derivative of creative commons license other people can use it without asking you for permission and also paying you. Now I don’t know precisely how the creative commons licenses in flicker differ between each other but the safest option is “all rights reserved”.

Prepare a consistent price list for your photos. To do so you can use as reference the prices of various sites which sell photos such as iStockphoto, GettyImages or check the web sites of photographers for their price list or ask your friends photographers for advice. But your prices should be reasonable – not overpriced because nobody will buy your photo. Easiest is to have a flat price for all your photos for all kinds of uses, for example 100 Euros per photo.

You should have a ready copyright text (license) for your photo. This is a very subtle part of the whole story. I advise you to see with a lawyer for that. Also, you can prepare your own copyright text by using the License of web sites which sell photos as a reference. However, you should be careful about few things:

·         People who appear in the photo – if you don’t have model release delegate the responsibility of obtaining one to the person who buys the photo

·         Copyrighted materials and trademarks such as pictures, sculptures, cars, brand names etc. – try to retouch these in photo editing software such as photoshop

·         Buildings and monuments – if you don’t have property release for the buildings in your photo delegate the responsibility to the buyer

·         Make sure that the photo will not be used for bad purposes.

Here is an example photo license agreement.

By restricting the access to your original image (from flickr account management->Privacy & Permission) other people cannot download the original high resolution photos that you have uploaded but only see the low resolution image.