Avoid Being Ripped Off for Spanish NIE Number – How to Apply

I have just seen one Google advertisement of an agency that offers their services for helping foreigners to issue NIE – Número de Identidad de Extranjero – number. The subject agency charges the insane 165 Euros + Expenses for a NIE number application on your  behalf.

The agency shows that the normal procedure is very complicated as it requires waiting on queues, involves notary, lawyers and other bureaucracy. And to safe you all these "complicated" paperwork, the agency offers you a service to apply for NIE number on your behalf and obtain the NIE number in 2 weeks – for 165 Euros + Notary Expenses.
Actually, the application process is very simple and very fast and costs about 6 Euros (which I believe the subject company will charge it to you as an extra fee). When you come to Spain, what you need to do is:
2.       Go to any bank, show them the NIE application form. The person will understand that you want to pay the fee for it. Take the receipt.
3.       Check from internet at which police station you need to submit this form (Where to apply for NIE). Non-EU citizens sometimes may need to wait on a queue about 1-2 hours. The usual waiting time for EU citizens is about 10 minutes. The reason for this is that places to apply for NIE numbers are different for EU and non-EU citizens.
4.       At the time of application, you will be immediately issued the NIE number.
If you want for any reason to apply for NIE number without coming to Spain, you can do it through the Spanish embassy in your country. Call the embassy and ask them how you can do it. I believe it will be cheaper than 165 Euros + Expenses. But anyway, I don’t see a reason why one would need a NIE number without ever coming to Spain.

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  1. Hi

    I kindly request that you rewrite this post. If you take the time to read our FAQ, it is clearly stated that anyone can apply by themselves. We have many clients who don’t believe paying us 165 € is a rip-off. If you think so, you are free to walk away, but you have no right to write about us in the terms you have done so.

    Please rewrite the post or remove it altogether.

    I look forward to your reply. Regards

  2. £165 is a rip off!! It doesnt matter if theyre happy, its too much money.  I did walk away down to the nick to have it done for the form fee. With your system, then you have to pay notary fees too – one tried to charge me £230 – Gitanos!!. True el goberno should make it easy and online fully. You can even do Russian Visas more easily!

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