Eee PC 901 – Thinking of Switching to Ubuntu (Easy Peasy)? Don’t!

I use Ubunut in my other more powerful laptop and I am very satisfied with it. After the clean install, I configured it very well and now it runs perfectly. So I decided to try Ubuntu Easy Peasy (I think the version was 8.04.1) on Eee PC 901. I had reinstalled Xandros in my Eee 901 which worked very well, I didn’t have any complaint’s but with installing some packages (dependencies). However installing Ubuntu Easy Peasy was completely waste of time.

Things that didn’t work out of the box are:

  • Webcam
  • Bluetooth (I am not able to connect with my mobile phone to the Internet)
  • Wireless with WPA encrypted networks
  • Function key (Fn)
  • Microphone
  • The video files (movies).

Though there are known solutions to make all these working I didn’t want to waste my time with and restored back the Xandros which I had backed up.

And one more thing that I was not satisfied with is the noticeably slow boot time of Ubuntu Easy Peasy compared to Xandros Easy Mode.

For other Eee PC models probably these probably do not exist. If you want to try Ubuntu on your Eee PC there is very nice how to article “How to install Easy Peasy (formerly Ubuntu-EEE) on an EEE PC”. But in case that you may also not like it, I would recommend you first to back up your system.

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  1. Have you tried the new Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope 9.4 in the Netbook Remix version? I’m planning to install it on a SD card and use it when I need it.
    In my 901 with Xandros I can’t get GIMP installed so I’m giving Ubuntu a try. I like the easy mode interface in Xandros but don’t like the difficulties on installing a lot of things.

  2. why backup old system i duel boot with m EEE PC 900 i have no problems in fat it works better than any outher os i have instaled the wfi has a better range with easy peasy

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