Cell phone services: primitive in Cuba and advanced in US?

I have read an article "In Cuba, Cellphone Calls Go Unanswered" at Washington Post by William Booth that reminded me for the time in Bulgaria back in 1980s. Because of the closed market it was difficult to find and buy things that are not produced by the countries from the ex Soviet Union, for example jeans or coca cola. But I found the article somehow biased with an implicit attempt to condemn the regime in Cuba and humiliate the Cubans by laughing at the situation.

I haven’t been in Cuba yet but knowing what was in my country I do believe the story about the mobile phones is true. For example, I remember that in 1987 we registered in a waiting queue for landline phone and we got the line in 1992 and the line cost like 2-3 monthly salaries. Also finding a phone was problem, too. In 1980s it was a symbol of status wearing jeans or having electronic watch.

But what I don’t like in the article is that it discusses just one weak point in Cuba and strong point in the States – the mobile phones. I wished Mr. William Booth mention about the health care and education system in both USA and Cuba! Which is better, to not be able to talk on mobile phone or be refused medical treatment and left to die because you don’t have health insurance? Both are bad! There is no doubt that the communist system proved to not work, but I don’t think that the US model of capitalist system proved to work.

On the other side, if the intention of the article was not to show that the system in Cuba is “bad” and the system in the States it “good” but purely technical with intent to show the level of advancement in technology – I would expect Mr. William Booth mention about the mobile services in Europe and Japan. This would be again fair enough. Although the States is a world leading country in many fields of technology – mobile phones is not one of them.

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