Problems with IBM Lenovo T60 Laptops

Since August 2006 I use IBM Lenovo T60 laptop. It is very stylish laptop. I have it dual boot Windows (had XP and now have Vista) and Linux (Ubuntu). It works perfectly with these operating systems. It is very easy to find drivers. I love the high resolution 1400×1050 on 14" screen and the overall performance delivered by 1.8GHz Dual Core and 4G Ram.


Since August 2006, because of technical problems I changed 2 laptops and this is my 3d one. Also my colleagues experienced similar problems and in our team 5 out of 12 member have changed their laptops at least once because of various problems – mainly cooling fan failure. In my particular case the problems were as follows:

  1. The battery of the laptop was taken off and my home mate accidentally unplugged the power cable. After that the computer didn’t turn on. I had to change it.
  2. The computer start overheating and rebooting. This damaged my file system and I spent 2 days trying to restore my lost files. The problem was problem with the fan.

Other main problem of these computers is the battery. We have 6 cell Li-On batteries. Their life is extremely short. I changed my first battery before about 3,5 months and it was completely death. I got my second battery provisional. When I got the second battery IBM’s Power Manager software was showing:

  • First used date: September 2006
  • Condition: Good
  • Store Capacity: 88%
  • Cycle count: 78
  • I was able to use the computer for 1,5-2 hours

Now after using the for 3,5 months the Power Manager software shows:

  • First used date: September 2006
  • Condition: Poor
  • Store Capacity: 44%
  • Cycle count: 110
  • I am able to use the computer for 30-45 minutes

So for 3,5 months the performance of the battery life dropped to more than two times. I am not battery expert but this is very bad performance for a battery. One of my colleagues also changed his battery and other is about to change so 30% of the people in the team. Unfortunately this post became a bit criticising but after seeing the notification for changing my battery because of its poor performance I decided to write about the negative sides of my personal experience using IBM Lenovo T60 laptop.

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